Defend the gate is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Defend the gate is an objective in the Main Quest, Hope County Jail in Far Cry 5


  • Go over to the West, taking the ladder in front of you up to reach the top of the wall.
  • This will start your time defending the wall from the numerous Cultist assaulting the Jail.
  • Change to a weapon with decent precision and a lot of bullets.
  • Start by dealing with the few Cultists in front of you.
  • Getting through them you will see a Truck driving up toward the jail.
  • This truck only has a few Cultists on it, but they will start over to the Western wall.
  • There will be a large group of Cultist that will be charging over toward this wall.
  • Throw grenades and explosives at the incoming trucks to quickly eliminate the Cultist coming here.
  • Fight through them and then return to the North.
  • Get to the Northern Wall, with the barricade.
  • You will see a much bigger group of Cultists assaulting the gate.
  • Kill the group in front of the gate.
  • Shortly after that, you will get the announcement that a fuel truck is coming to blow open the jail.
  • Jump off the wall and run to the North.
  • Throw a Remote Explosive or Proximity Explosive onto the road.
  • Just wait after that for the truck to come up the road.
  • Just wait for them to hit the explosives, detonate if needed, to finish off the Cultists and complete this quest.
  • If there are Cultists inside the Jail, those will need to be defeated first to complete the quest.


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