Descente Dans la Folie is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Descente Dans la Folie is a Side Quest is Far Cry 5.


”Drive buggy through the checkpoints and beat Clutch's time.”


  • You can find this Clutch Nixon in the small town of Prosperity.
  • From there, begin this stunt mission.
  • You start with 20 seconds on the clock.
  • From there, you now have a number of rings to drive through.
  • You will want to start with the drive down full.
  • The first ring is just over the ledge in front of you.
  • From there, steer just a little to the right and through the second ring.
  • Turn left to find the next ring just past with the ring.
  • Continue left to the East to find the next ring.
  • Just keep to the left and through the next ring.
  • From here, keep up your speed and drive up onto the wall, DO NOT LET UP ON THE GAS!
  • Continue to the South and drive through the ring and over the ramp.
  • On the ground, veer just a little to the left and through the circle there.
  • You will launch over the top of the hill.
  • Just go straight forward, through the circle in front of you.
  • Once again, you will launch forward, over the crest of the hill.
  • Another circle is in front of you, just a little to the left in front of you.
  • Swing to the right a bit and then correct to the left to go up the hill and through the next circle.
  • You will launch from the ramp just past the circle and land nearby the next mark.
  • Go on up the slope through the next circle, launching into the air again.
  • Veer just a bit to the right as you land to get through the next mark.
  • Continue turning to the right.
  • Once again, just keep up your speed and go up onto the embankment.
  • Aim as you get off the embankment to get through the next circle.
  • Continue forward and through the circle just in front of the school buses along the path.
  • Turn to the right a bit to line up with the next circle and ramp.
  • From there, just go straight through into Prosperity.
  • Drive straight through the town and to the finish line, smashing through the manikins.


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Video Walkthrough[edit]

Descente Dans la Folie Video Walkthrough

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