Destroy beacons is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Destroy beacons is an objective in the Main Quest, Only You in Far Cry 5


  • There are now 6 beacons just outside the Wolf's Den.
  • 1 is just outside the Wolf's Den that will be guarded by 4 Judge Wolves.
  • Take out the wolves and then throw an explosive onto the beacon.
  • This can be a Grenade (possibly with the sticky modification), or Remote Explosives.
  • Go over to the West and get to the next beacon.
  • Fight through the Judge Wolves that appear as you make your way toward the beacon.
  • Turn around to deal with the illusion of Jacob that can appear and ambush you from behind.
  • Kill that and head over to the second beacon.
  • Take out the few soldiers and the odd Judge Wolf.
  • Go over to the Southwest from there to reach the third beacon.
  • Kill off the 3-5 soldiers defending this beacon.
  • From there, turn to the South to make your way to the third beacon.
  • Be wary of the Jacob that can appear behind you.
  • Fight over to the South to reach the beacon after that.
  • Once there, fight through the soldiers and Judge Wolves that attack.
  • Throw an explosive onto the beacon to destroy it.
  • Turn to the Southeast and use the zipline there to move toward the fourth beacon.
  • Deal with the few Snipers around you before turning your attention to the beacon.
  • Once again, approach the beacon and throw an explosive at it.
  • From there, go to the North and destroy the last beacon.


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