Destroy the Father Statue is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Destroy the Father Statue is an objective in the Side Quest, False Prophet in Far Cry 5


  • With the statue of Joseph Seed partially destroyed, it is time to finish the job.
  • Continue to destroy the statue until it is about 50% destroyed.
  • About this time, you will hear the Cultist take note and sending in people to defend the remains of the statue.
  • Before the Cultists get there, keep focused on destroying the statue.
  • Most of the statue will likely be destroyed before the Cultists even get to the platform you are on.
  • Fight through the Cultists, changing to a normal weapon to save your Rockets for the statue.
  • Clear out whichever of the Cultists have made it up to the top.
  • Turn your attention to whatever is left of the statue after that.
  • Destroy the remains of the statue to complete this objective.


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