Destroy the bliss containers is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Destroy the bliss containers is an objective in the Main Quest, The Quality of Mercy in Far Cry 5


  • At the top of this section of the silo, head to the East.
  • You will see some Bliss containers in front of you.
  • Move back to be at the far end of the adjacent corridor, then fire at the Bliss Containers.
  • This should help you avoid damage from the Container exploding.
  • Continue to the East where you will encounter more Cultists.
  • You can fire on the next Bliss Container to quickly eliminate the nearby Cultists.
  • Head to the East toward the next room.
  • Fire on the red barrel to destroy the next bliss containers.
  • Head South and look West to find another small Bliss Container to destroy to finish this part.


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