Destroy the pumps in each building is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Destroy the pumps in each building is an objective in the Main Quest, Clean Water Act in Far Cry 5


  • With the Cultist cleared out, there will be a few things to do here.
  • Head to the Northeastern corner of the area, to the water treatment pit.
  • Look in the Southern pit of this Northwestern section.
  • In this Southern Pit you will see a clutter of debris in the water.
  • Fire a gun into the clutter to hit the red barrel and destroy the cluster of debris blocking your way.
  • Go to the Northern portion of this pit and interact with the Pump Control to temporarily lower the water level of this pit.
  • Drop down into the put and go to the tunnel you revealed by destroying the clutter.
  • Follow the path through the pipe and into the large pool.
  • Wait for the water to refill and climb out of the pool.
  • Turn to the West and head toward the pumps.
  • Head to the middle pump of the set.
  • Equip a Remote Explosive and set it on the front of the middle pump.
  • With this Remote Explosive in place, leave the room, leaving the bomb un-detonated for now.
  • Dive back into the water and return to the main section of the Water Treatment Plant.
  • Swim down and then turn to the South to go through the pipe.
  • Climb out of the Pit you were in to the East.
  • You will find another treatment pit to get into.
  • Drop into the pit and head to the Eastern side.
  • Keep the water level as it is and swim through the pipe there.
  • Go through the Eastern pipe and into the second pump room.
  • Climb out of the water and turn East.
  • Detonate your first Remote Bomb at this point.
  • Go to the middle pump once again, and set a second Remote Bomb.
  • With it set, dive back into the water and swim out of this room.
  • Detonate the bomb once you are a short distance into the pipe that you came through.
  • This will complete the quest.


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