Drive to midwife's house is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Drive to midwife's house is an objective in the Side Quest, Special Delivery in Far Cry 5


  • Immediately slam on the gas and get out to the main road.
  • You start with 60 seconds to complete this mission.
  • Each time you get to a check point, the timer will extend.
  • Be ready for craziness to start happening.
  • Be ready to drift, make sharp turns and deal with some craziness.
  • As you go down the road, turn to the right (East) and start down the dirt road.
  • After you pass through the second checkpoint, you will see cars getting onto the road.
  • Drive between them and pass them quickly.
  • From there, dodge the pigs that are just past the crates.
  • You will see a trailer blocking the road in front of you.
  • Immediately turn to the left and head through the next checkpoint.
  • Keep your speed up and continue along this new road.
  • You will see a road on the right a short distance down the way.
  • Make the right-hand turn between the trees and the rocks.
  • Go across the small bridge and continue to the East.
  • This will bring you to the Kellett Cattle Co to immediately cut through.
  • You can either head directly through the fences or just go along the road to reach the next checkpoints.
  • Just past that, continue to the right along the next road.
  • Immediately after the turn, you will see fire and a tanker trailer.
  • Keep up your speed and just continue forward onto the bridge in front of you.
  • Along this road you will suddenly need to dodge a few hay barrels on the road.
  • Just go forward and make for the car ramp in front of you.
  • As soon as you can, turn to the left along the road to continue toward your destination.
  • You will see people come onto the road on ATVs and a herd of cows across the road as well.
  • Turn to the left, following the ATVs before you avoid them, rushing down the road.
  • Just ignore the burning plane that is coming down out of the sky.
  • Continue straight down this road toward the next check point.
  • Drive past the plane wreckage, continuing North.
  • Keep your speed up and carefully dodge the tractors on the road toward your destination.
  • Go across the paved road and just continue straight forward, taking the shortcut.
  • Just go forward on the road, watching the deer scatter.
  • Get through the next intersection and head up the hill to reach the midwife's house.
  • Finally, you will arrive at the destination and the car will shortly come to a stop.


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