Drubman Marina in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Drubman Marina is a Location in Far Cry 5.


"Eden's Gate has taken over this marina and is using to as a launch spot for their water convoys."

Enemy Types[edit]


  • It is time to liberate another Cultist Outpost.
  • Start on the Southern side of this Marina, using the ledge overlooking the whole of it.
  • Use the binoculars to scan the area and mark most of the Cultist here.
  • Make your way to the Northern side of the Marina to begin the infiltration and elimination of the Cultists.
  • There is an opening in the middle of the fence along the Northern side you can use.
  • Get inside and then head straight into the door in front of you.
  • Head over to the East, through the window and hide behind the crates here.
  • Wait for the Cultist to come to you.
  • Throw a Rock nearby to lure him over and take him down from behind the crates.
  • Now go a little South and hide behind the stack of ammo crates.
  • Wait for the nearby Cultist to move around the building.
  • Head to the East from there and take down the Cultist Defender watching the entrance.
  • Now return to the warehouse and climb up onto the roof using the ladder on the Eastern side of the building.
  • Take down the Sniper on the rooftop.
  • Turn to the West and head over to the building in the Southern portion of the area.
  • Eliminate the 2 Cultist patrolling around this building.
  • Turn to the South from there and make your way to the docks.
  • Slowly eliminate the Cultists on the dock.
  • Use an Explosive to quickly deal with the patrolling boat when you can.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Drubman Marina Video Walkthrough

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