Dumpster Diving in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Dumpster Diving is a Prepper Stash in Far Cry 5, found in Holland Valley.



  • Make your way to the office of Dodd's Dumps.
  • Once there, head to the note sitting just outside the office.
  • Read the note to start the hunt for the Prepper stash itself.
  • Climb up the ladder nearby to the rooftop of the building.
  • Turn to the left and look toward the frame to the South.
  • Fire a shot over to the red barrel between the pylons.
  • The red barrel will explode, knocking the pylons out of your way.
  • Run and jump over to the top of the crate.
  • Look to the left, East, and knock down the nearby pylons using your weapons.
  • Look to the South from there to find the next place to do a running jump to.
  • Turn to the West now and look across the gap.
  • You will see a grapple point to let you swing across the camp.
  • Turn to the North and drop off the crates into the lower area.
  • Go over to the West and drop into the water-logged area.
  • Turn to the North once again, and look to the left of the gate.
  • Interact with the switch to power up the area, giving access to the stash itself.
  • This will also electrocute the water in this area.
  • Turn to the South and it is time to start making your way toward the stash itself.
  • Jump onto the shelving on the right and make your way to the end of it.
  • Turn to the left and jump over to the next platform.
  • Go to the South next, jumping over to the chainlink fence and onto the boxes beyond it.
  • Go to the East, jumping across the boards.
  • Look to the North from the far end of the generators.
  • You will see the door lit green.
  • Run and jump over to it.
  • Push the door open now to lay claim to the goods within.
  • Just inside you will find a large pile of money, 3 Prepper Magazines, and a few other goods, body armor, ammo and weapons.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Dumpster Diving Video Walkthrough

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