Eden's Convent in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Eden's Convent is a Location in Far Cry 5.


"The devoted can rest here during their pilgrimages as they way The Path to Eden's Gate."

Enemy Types[edit]


  • Found on a mountainside with light defenses and a single alarm, this is an easy location to capture.
  • Approach from the ledge to the Southwest to get a good overview of the area, letting you see most of the 5 Cultists as well as the VIP.
  • There are 2 Angels cleaning inside the Church that are hard to see.
  • The alarm sits near the middle of the area.
  • Rappel down the cliffside and look to the North, toward the Southwestern edge of the Convent.
  • Look to the North to spot the Cultist leaning against the stack of fertilizer bags.
  • Sneak up behind them from behind the fertilizer bags and get them with a takedown.
  • Turn to the East from there and head over toward the Cultist VIP with a book by a firepit.
  • Keep to the outside of the compound, between the wall, fertilizer bags and the flower patches.
  • Immediately start going to the North and take down the nearby Cultist who is pouring Bliss into the pool of water.
  • It is recommended to move the bodies of these cultist to behind the Southern wall nearby here.
  • Look along the covered walkway to find a Cultist patrolling along the top of it.
  • Take a little time here to disable the alarm here as well.
  • Head to the Southern side of the property and slip through the open window into the church itself.
  • In here, you will find 2 Angels that are easily taken down.
  • From here, you only have 2 more Cultists to defeat.
  • Another patrols along the Northern edge while the last one patrols the Northeastern side.
  • Defeat all of them to clear the area.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Eden's Convent Video Walkthrough

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