Electrical transformers rerouted is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Electrical transformers rerouted is an objective in the Side Quest, Out of this World in Far Cry 5


  • Head out of the shed and turn to the South.
  • Run and slide under the pipe there to reach the first switch on the left.
  • Activate this switch.
  • Go around the corner in front of you to the left.
  • Head to the East and to the far row of transformers.
  • At the start of it you will find the next switch to activate.
  • Throw the switch and then head to the North.
  • Jump over the crates to continue forward.
  • Just down the stairs, across the gravel you will find the next switch.
  • Be warned that as you approach this switch, Cultists will be heading to the power station to attack you.
  • Defeat most of them before continuing to avoid getting shot.
  • Head down the open space between the two nearest rows of transformers to the East.
  • Climb up the ladder you see there to reach the higher platform.
  • Jump to the next platform and then activate the switch there.
  • Use the nearby Zipline to quickly transfer over to the next platform with the final switch.
  • On this platform, turn right and jump up onto the top landing of the tower.
  • Activate the switch to complete the rerouting of power.


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