Escape the bunker is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Escape the bunker is an objective in the Main Quest, The Confession in Far Cry 5


Escape from the bunker before you die from Bliss.


  • You have 90 seconds to escape this area.
  • Immediately turn to the left, East, and kill the first Angel that comes after you with your handgun.
  • Run to the East, jumping up onto the crates.
  • Head up the stairs on the left to avoid the 2 additional Angels that have comes after you.
  • Reload your weapon as you head West, then North, and East, up the stairs.
  • As you get to the fourth landing, you will hear the screams of more Cultists and Angels coming for you.
  • Quickly gun them down, aim for the Angel's head to quickly dispatch them.
  • Go on up the stairs and out the door to reach back outside.


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