False Idols is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

False Idols is a Side Quest is Far Cry 5.


”Small Eden's Gate Shrines are scattered all across the Henbane River region. Destroy those shrines and wipe out the cult's presence.”


  • This side quest will activate once you have destroyed 3 of the Shrines.
  • You can easily destroy these Shrines with explosives.
  • You can use an Attack Helicopter with machine guns and missiles to easily destroy each of the shrines.
  • The quest will automatically complete when all 16 shrines have been destroyed.

Shrine - 1[edit]

  • Found on the shore of the river South of Peaches Taxidermy.
  • Head to the river and go to the middle of it and get onto the Western shore in this appear.

Shrine - 2[edit]

  • Found to the Southeast of Peaches Taxidermy on the mountainside.
  • Find the shrine on the mountainside where shown.

Shrine - 3[edit]

  • Found on the Western shore of the Rock Bass Lake.
  • Just off the road on the Northwestern side of the lake.
  • Found to the North of the bridge in the trees, by the hot springs.

Shrine - 4[edit]

  • Found on the small mountain to the East of Rock Bass Lake.
  • This shrine sits close of the top of the mountain there.

Shrine - 5[edit]

  • Found in the mountains South of Rock Bass Lake, on the Northern face of the mountain.
  • Look for the amphitheater to find this Shrine.

Shrine - 6[edit]

  • This shrine is found in the Southeastern portion of the Henbane River.
  • Search along the mountainside to find the shrine.

Shrine - 7[edit]

  • Found in the Southern portion of the Henbane River.
  • This is found to the East of the Hope County Jail
  • Found across the river on the Southern side.

Shrine - 8[edit]

  • Found to the Northwest of the Hope County Jail.
  • This is found on a cliff overlooking the river nearby, across from the road leading to the Jail.

Shrine - 9[edit]

  • Found to the East from Lorna's Truck Stop, and to the South of Sacred Skies Lake.
  • Found just off the road leading toward the Sacred Skies, to the East of the Truck Stop.

Shrine - 10[edit]

  • Found on the Southwestern face of Angel's Peak.
  • Found on a flat plateau in the area.

Shrine - 11[edit]

  • Found to the Northeast of the Bridge of Tears, on the Western side of Angel's Peak.

Shrine - 12[edit]

Shrine - 13[edit]

Shrine - 14[edit]

  • Found to the West of Dead Man's Mill.
  • This shrine is found on a small, raised island surrounded by shallow water.

Shrine - 15[edit]

  • This shrine is found to the West of the Moonflower Trailer Park.
  • It is just off the road to the West, behind the trees, on a raised portion of terrian.

Shrine - 16[edit]


Video Walkthrough[edit]

False Idol Video Walkthrough

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