Find Merle is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Find Merle is an objective in the Main Quest , The Cleansing in Far Cry 5


Eden's Gate has taken a number of hostages, including Merle Briggs. Liberate everyone you can.


  • Head North either along the road or alongside it.
  • Sneaking through the woods will give you the chance to scout the locations and locate the hostages easily before getting shot at.
  • Eliminate the one soldier guarding the few hostages at the top of the first slope.
  • Liberate them and then follow the road as it continues forward.
  • As it goes around the next bend, you can either continue along the road, jumping over the truck bed to continue or going up into the hills and riding the zipline to the next location.
  • Just past this bend you will see that the area is under mortar fire.
  • To get past this, you will either need to move carefully throughout the area, avoiding the mortar fire or slip around it through the woods.
  • Look to the Northeast in this area to find Merle at the far end of it.
  • Start by going to the East and off the beaten path and into the woods.
  • Get out of mortar range for now to reach the span with the bridge going across it.
  • Once you see the bridge, make your way to the closest foot of it or going across the bottom of the ravine and climb up the Eastern side it.
  • Crouch about the middle of the bridge if you cross it to approach in stealth and get closer before opening fire.
  • It is time to work on liberating Merle.


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