Fire in the Hole in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Fire in the Hole is a Prepper Stash in Far Cry 5, found in Holland Valley.



  • This Prepper stash is found along the Southern border of the Holland Valley.
  • Clear the Cultists from the front and the 2 inside the house.
  • Be sure to also kill the Cultist Sniper behind the house.
  • Read the Prepper Note by the first Cultist you encountered here.
  • From there, go into the house, it is time to work toward getting to the stash.
  • Inside the house, to to the Southwestern side and look for the pallet on the ground.
  • Either attack it with a melee weapon to break the wood or run over it to fall through into the cave below.
  • The Cave is filled with Bliss, so be warned that you will encounter some Angels within its walls.
  • Turn to the East, go around the ladder and start into the cave.
  • Look on the table to the right to find some sticks of Dynamite you can claim for later.
  • Continue on down the tunnel to the first support.
  • You path is initially blocked by the collapsed sections.
  • There are a few ways to deal with this block: you can blow it up with Dynamite or blast it apart with your guns.
  • Continue on down the cave from there.
  • Turn to the East and go to the next blocked section.
  • Once again, destroy the blockage and continue to the East.
  • Be wary because there is a pair of Angels down this passage.
  • Another angel can emerge from a side passage behind you, so be careful.
  • Look for the passage to the North now that is blocked.
  • Destroy the blockage to gain access to some loot.
  • Look to the East to find the block preventing you from continuing toward the destination.
  • This leads into a large room with an Angel on the far side of it.
  • Kill the Angel and then look to the North.
  • You will see there is a block over a stream of water.
  • Destroy this block to flood the pool in this area.
  • Wait for the pool to fill then swim across to the climb spot on the other side.
  • Continue to the East and into the next tunnel.
  • This will lead to the final chamber where you will find the Stash itself.
  • Go over to the shelving by the blue rope going upwards to find the Perk Magazines.
  • A large stash of money can be found on the suitcase just below the blue rope.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Fire in the Hole Video Walkthrough

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