Flee is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Flee is an objective in the Main Quest, No Way Out in Far Cry 5


Escape the wreckage of the helicopter and the cultists.


  • The Junior Deputy will come to in the crashed helicopter.
  • They attempt to reach the headset with the voice coming from it.
  • They are interrupted by Joseph Seed reaching for it and taking it, telling the woman on the other side, everything is fine.
  • Hit the prompted button once the helicopter catches on fire.
  • Immediately start running, pressing the prompted button.
  • Follow the path in front of you into the trees.
  • Go over the crest of the hill and start going just a bit to the left.
  • You will see a small campsite.
  • Run past it, going to the next site just past it.
  • On your right you will see a cabin.
  • Head over to it and you will get the tutorial for stealth.
  • Duck using B as you approach and sneak up to the cabin.
  • There is one person guarding the cabin.
  • Sneak up using the grass and the large gear nearby the path you are approaching on.
  • Here you will find a Pipe that you can pick up.
  • Keep sneaking along in the bushes and perform a takedown on the guard here.
  • Loot the body to get a handgun added into your inventory.
  • Head into the building to search for a few more items.
  • Another handgun sits on the table outside the cabin, sitting below Eden's Gate mark.
  • Go inside the cabin after that.
  • Head over to the right, past the broken wall for the table.
  • Loot the tool box for more ammo, then head over to the left and out the window there, back into the woods.
  • Outside the building, you will a larger campfire with a watchtower overlooking it ahead of you to the left.
  • Head over to the tower and climb up the ladder.
  • On top of the watch tower you can find a backpack with some more ammo for your sidearm.
  • Collect it and head back to the ladder.
  • Take the ladder down and then head over to the left, going wide around the camp.
  • Go Southwest around the camp and then South until you are past the camp and getting close to the trailer where Marshal Burke has hidden out.
  • Take your time approaching the trailer to search for some ammo, there is a big gun battle coming up.
  • There is a lot of ammo that can be found on the Eastern side.
  • Collect it and then head into the nearby building to trigger a cutscene.


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