Free Larry is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Free Larry is a Side Quest is Far Cry 5.


”Find a way to free Larry from his experiment.”


  • Make your way to Parker Labs to see the large cage with electricity arcing all around it.
  • Inside this cage is Larry Parker who will ask you to shut down the nearby generators to free him.
  • Turn around and look to the East.
  • On the porch of the Laboratory, you will find the first generator.
  • Go through the House to the Northern side.
  • On the Northern side, just down the stairs from the back door you will find the second generator.
  • Continue to the North to find the third and final generator.
  • Between the outdoor lab setup and the shed you will find the generator.
  • Having shut down all the generators, the quest will be complete.


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Video Walkthrough[edit]

Free Larry Video Walkthrough

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