Far Cry 5: Gather the 3 types of bull testicles - Prairie Oyster Harvest

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Gather the 3 types of bull testicles is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Gather the 3 types of bull testicles is an objective in the Side Quest, Prairie Oyster Harvest in Far Cry 5


  • There are now 3 kinds of testicles that need to be collected for this mission: Blue Balls, Crushed and roasted.
  • You will need to kill the Bulls in specific ways or with specific things to get the results you are after for each.

Blue Balls

  • The Blue Balls are gotten by killing a Bull that is mating.
  • Approaching the Eastern Paddock of Cows and Bulls, the music will change.
  • The Bulls will be moving from one cow to the next.
  • While a Bull is on a cow, attack it with a powerful weapon to quickly kill it.
  • Go over to the corpse of the Bull and harvest it to collect the balls.

Shredded Balls

  • For the next bull, you will need to find the nearby Tractor Mulcher.
  • Run over to the Tractor to the North of the Southern paddock and enter it.
  • Drive it down into the cow paddock and run over one of the bulls with the mulcher.
  • Go to the corpse and collect the balls from it.

Roasted Balls

  • Equip a Motolov Cocktail for your throwable weapon, Flamethrower, or Incendiary Ammo in compatible weapons.
  • Choose a bull to attack.
  • Use the fire weapon on them and wait for the fire to kill the bull.
  • Go over to the bull's corpse and loot it.


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