Godspeed is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Godspeed is a Side Quest is Far Cry 5.


”Fly down the mountain in a wingsuit to pay tribute to Clutch.”


  • Found just next to the Silver Lake in the Whitetail Mountain region.
  • Approach the Clutch Nixon sign and read it to begin this challenge.
  • You will start with 45 seconds on your timer.
  • Passing through the rings will grant you 5 seconds per ring.
  • Unlike the previous challenges, you will be able to miss a number of rings without failing the challenge.

  • This will bring you to the top of Raptor Peak where you will need to jump off and start flying through rings.
  • Jump off and immediately deploy the wingsuit.
  • Dive down, aim for the first ring and start pulling up as you approach it.
  • Level out, keeping slightly upwards as you turn to the left and aim toward the next ring.
  • Continue to the left to aim for the next ring, angle downward, pulling up as you approach the ring.
  • Start a gentle bank to the right just after that ring to aim for the next.
  • Being aware of your distance to the ground is important.
  • You will be close to the ground and trees throughout this section, so be careful.
  • Go through the ring and then align with the river to get through the ring.
  • Dive down slowly to get through the next ring just past the rock ridge.
  • Move just to the left along with the river to keep with it to reach the next ring.
  • Align with the center of this ring to dodge between the 2 rock faces nearby.
  • Keep low and follow the river as best you can.
  • This will lead you quickly to the next ring.
  • Keep along the river for the moment, but the best path to the next ring has you passing through a set of trees.
  • Try to gain just a little altitude to dodge the trees, or carefully fly straight through them.
  • Pass through here and then slowly bank to the left, following the river.
  • Straighten out and fly through the ring ahead of you.
  • Bank just slightly to the left and follow the river.
  • You can see a bridge ahead of you with the final ring under it.
  • Carefully glide through it to complete this stunt mission.


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Video Walkthrough[edit]

Godspeed Video Walkthrough

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