Gone Squatchin' in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Gone Squatchin' is a Prepper Stash in Far Cry 5, found in Whitetail Mountains.



  • Make your way to the Dansky Cabin in the Western portion of the Whitetail Mountains.
  • Go and approach the front of the cabin.
  • You will hear an inhuman call and someone screaming.
  • In front of the cabin you will find the Prepper Note you are looking for to begin the Stash properly.
  • Time to begin the search (and climb) to find Dicky Dansky.
  • Turn to the Northwest of the cabin and start along the trail that you find there.
  • Be on guard in case there is a Hunter in ambush waiting for you at the start of the trail.
  • Follow the path as it heads to the East and then turns back to the North.
  • Follow this over to the nearby cliff-face, you will find some timber remains and a lot of blood at the base of this cliff-face.
  • Go over to the East and make your way to the top of the cliff, going to the West.
  • This will lead you to the Lookout Point.
  • Go to the end of the remains of the walkway to find another note.
  • Read the note then turn around, it is time to continue onto the climbing portion of this prepper stash.
  • Looking to the Northwest, up along the nearby cliff-face, you can see the next marker.
  • Leave the walkway and start following the blood on the ground toward it.
  • This will lead to a Western trail that takes you directly to a grapple point above you.
  • Go to the cliff-face and use the Grapple Hook to climb up to the first ledge.
  • Climb up the nearby ledge then turn to the West and start on your way over in that direction.
  • Jump over 2 platforms to reach the next grapple point.
  • Once there, look upwards, you should be underneath another grapple point.
  • Ascend using the grappling hook.
  • Look to the West to see the next ledge you are looking for.
  • Swing back and forth to launch yourself over to the ledge.
  • Turn toward the North and climb across the next 2 ledges.
  • Follow this path as it goes East then switches back to the West.
  • Jump on the nearby rock and then over to the ledge with the blue rope on it.
  • Climb up onto the next rock and look to the North to find the next ledge you need to go to.
  • Follow the path over to the West and climb up onto the next ledge.
  • Once on that ledge, look to the South.
  • You will see 2 Grapple Points that you can reach.
  • Grapple from one to the next, then detach to make it to the ledge across the gap.
  • Now, just jump the next gap as you head to the East.
  • This will lead you to a grapple point just beyond a deer's corpse.
  • Use the Grapple to descend down to the next ledge safely.
  • Turn to the South and you will see the corpse of Dansky.
  • Just next to him though is the key card you need to access his cabin!
  • Collect the keycard then head over to the ledge to the South of Dansky's corpse.
  • Jump off the ledge and use the Wingsuit to glide back over to Dansky Cabin.
  • About 50 meters away, open your parachute to slow enough not to hurt yourself.
  • Go to either the side door or the front door of the cabin and interact with it.
  • With the keycard you will be able to get inside.
  • Inside the cabin, you will find the prepper magazines on the desk and filing cabinet on the right.
  • All the money is on the table just to the right of the bed as well as a fishing guide book.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Gone Squatchin' Video Walkthrough

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