Hangar Pains in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Hangar Pains is a Prepper Stash in Far Cry 5, found in Whitetail Mountains.



  • Make your way to the Airstrip.
  • Nearby the large hangar door you will find the Prepper Note, telling you about the stash.
  • Turn to the South and go to the nearby Radio Tower.
  • Get to the top platform of the Radio Tower.
  • Turn to the North and then use the Wingsuit to glide over to the hangar.
  • Just as you reach the rooftop of the hangar, use your Parachute to land on the hangar.
  • Turn to the South and look to the open skylight.
  • Drop into the skylight.
  • Look to the Back Western corner to find the switch to open the hangar door.
  • Go directly behind the plane to find the 3 Prepper Magazines.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Hangar Pains Video Walkthrough

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