Hold off the cultists is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Hold off the cultists is an objective in the Main Quest , No Way Out in Far Cry 5



  • Marshal Burke will pass a gun over to the Junior Deputy.
  • It is not long before the Peggie Cultists are rushing the trailer that the pair of you are in.
  • Start the fight inside, but jump out through the window before long, taking cover behind the nearby trailer.
  • Fight carefully, using bursts of fire to maintain accuracy.
  • Keeping fighting until you hear Marshal Burke call out that he has found the keys.
  • Immediately turn to the South and start running toward the White pick-up truck sitting near the trailer you were just in.
  • Run over to the truck and get inside it.
  • Once in the truck, lean out and fire on any cultists coming at you.


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