Jessop's Conservatory is a Location in Far Cry 5.


The Jessop's Conservatory had been sold to the Seed family a while ago. Most do not know what they have been doing with it since they bought it.

Enemy Types[edit]


  • This leads you to Jessop's Conservatory, where you will need to find a point to search the area for the Cultists to mark them.
  • Head to the Northern part and climb up the Radio tower to see the whole area to mark the Cultists you can.
  • Go to the Southern side of the tower and ride the zipline down to the main house.
  • This lands you on scaffolding next to a window.
  • Break through the boards over the window to get inside the building.
  • Open the safe here to claim the Silver Bars and money inside it.
  • Gather what you can from here then step back outside.
  • Go along the scaffolding to the South, finding the open window on the right-hand side close to the Southern side of the house at ground level.
  • Inside the house, you will see a Cultist at the top of the stairs.
  • Sneak up the stairs and take them down.
  • Turn to the left and go toward the next Cultist who is by the desk.
  • Head out of the nearby window, with the Western side of the house.
  • To the North of where you land, you can see an Alarm you should disable.
  • From there, continue to the North, keeping out of sight, to find and eliminate the next Cultist along this side.
  • Take down the Cultist nearby the Northern end of the house
  • Grab the body and hide it behind the nearby wall.
  • Go West and then slip into the nearby Greenhouse.
  • Take down the Cultist in here and just let them fall where they will.
  • Look to the North to see another Cultist patrolling.
  • Eliminate them, hiding the body in the Bliss Flowers or in the Greenhouse.
  • Go to the Western end of the Greenhouse and head South into the next Greenhouse.
  • Take down the Cultist inside the Greenhouse so you do not need to hide the body.
  • Go out to the East, looking for the North.
  • There, you will find the second alarm to disable on the Western side.
  • Go back into the Greenhouse and hide against the Western side.
  • Wait for the Cultist to pass by the windows and then take them down.
  • Head over to the Western side of the Bliss Flowers.
  • Take down this Cultist to leave just 1 more Cultist.
  • From here, turn to the Southeast area, where you can see a truck behind the sheds.
  • Eliminate this Cultist to complete the liberation of the Cult Outpost.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Jessop's Conservatory Video Walkthrough

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