Kellett Cattle Co in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Kellett Cattle Co is a Location in Far Cry 5.


"Eden's Gate has taken over this cattle farm and is slaughtering the cows for their meat."

Enemy Types[edit]


There are 7 Cultists and 2 Alarms in this area.

  • Go around the area first to spot the 7 cultists and 2 alarms, getting them to appear.
  • This is easily done from the nearby hills and pasture nearby.
  • Begin by approaching the ranch house from the Northern side, where the Cultist Defender is.
  • Go to the small shed in the Northern section of the area.
  • Wait behind the shed for the Defender to pass you by, going toward the front, where the road is.
  • Take them down and move the body into the nearby grass.
  • Turn to the East and head to the red-roofed building.
  • On the Western face of that building, you will find the first alarm.
  • Approach and disable the alarm.
  • Head to the South and take down the Cultist butchering some meat.
  • It is suggested to move the body into the grass to the North.
  • Go to the West and sneak into the house.
  • In the Northern portion of the house, you will find a locked door.
  • You can use Locksmith to open the door and claim the contents of the chest inside.
  • Head to the Southern side of the house.
  • Looking out the window to the East, you will see a Cultist.
  • Take them down and leave the body where it is.
  • Look on the table behind you to find an area map that will give you 5 new locations.
  • Turn to the South from there and take down the Cultist VIP butchering the cow.
  • Take them down and then move the body behind the nearby building.
  • Turn to the West now, you have 3 Cultists left to deal with.
  • Start by heading over to to the West and climbing up onto the RV.
  • Go over to the North and disable the nearby Alarm.
  • From there, head to the South and takedown the Cultist there.
  • This one can wander to the front of the RV.
  • Turn to the North at the front of the RV.
  • Approach and takedown the final Cultist to liberate this location.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Kellett Cattle Co Video Walkthrough

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