Meet the Marshal at the trailer house is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Meet the Marshal at the trailer house is an objective in the Main Quest , No Way Out in Far Cry 5


Your radio came alive briefly, letting you hear a broadcast from Marshal Burke, he reported his position to whoever survived the helicopter crash.


  • Outside the building, you will a larger campfire with a watchtower overlooking it ahead of you to the left.
  • Head over to the tower and climb up the ladder.
  • On top of the watch tower you can find a backpack with some more ammo for your sidearm.
  • Collect it and head back to the ladder.
  • Take the ladder down and then head over to the left, going wide around the camp.
  • Go Southwest around the camp and then South until you are past the camp and getting close to the trailer where Marshal Burke has hidden out.
  • Take your time approaching the trailer to search for some ammo, there is a big gun battle coming up.
  • There is a lot of ammo that can be found on the Eastern side.
  • Collect it and then head into the nearby building to trigger a cutscene.


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