Mint Condition is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Mint Condition is a Side Quest is Far Cry 5.


”Help Dave find all of his missing Cheeseburger Bobbleheads.”


  • Make your way to Fowler's Retreat nearby Widow's Creek.
  • Outside of the building you will find Dave Fowler, who will want you to search Hope County for the Cheeseburger Bobbleheads that are a collectible.

Whitetail Mountains[edit]

Baron Lumber Mill[edit]

  • Make your way to the Southern side of the Baron Lumber Mill.
  • Take the stairs there up and go through the first open window.
  • Enter the window and go straight forward to the counter in the kitchenette.
  • Sitting at the corner of the counter, above the trashcan, is the Bobblehead.

Whitetail Park Ranger Station[edit]

  • Make your way to the main building, with the white patches on the roof.
  • Go into the office building for the Ranger Station.
  • Head behind the information desk and into the back room.
  • This leads into a bedroom.
  • Sitting by the foot of the bunkbed, on the dress, is the Bobblehead.
  • The bobblehead sits close to the bunkbeds, so head over to it and collect it.

Grand View Hotel[edit]

  • This Bobblehead is found to the North of the Grand View Hotel.
  • Head to the island North of the Hotel in the middle of the lake.
  • Go into the cable you can see on the Eastern side.
  • Inside the cabin, turn to the left and look along that side.
  • On the bed you will see the Bobblehead.

Lansdowne Airstrip[edit]

  • Look for the power station at this location.
  • Go through the gate and over to the building at the base of the tower.
  • Climb onto the building by the base of the tower.
  • Use the Grappling Hook to climb up to the third platform.
  • Turn to the North and look toward the building with the Landsdown airstrip.
  • Jump and immediately deploy the Wingsuit to get the momuntum to get across the landing strip and over to the large building wit the white roof.
  • Land on top of it and head into the open skylight.
  • Once inside, go over to the right-hand side of the building.
  • On the front most shelf, second from the ground, you will find the Cheeseburge bobblehead.

Whitetail Park Visitor Center[edit]

  • Get to the Whitetail Park Visitor Center
  • Go up the stairs to the main building, at the top of the stairs.
  • Head into the souvenir shop portion of the main building, in the Northern section of it.
  • Go to the Eastern section of the shop and look on the shelving.
  • You will see the Cheeseburger Bobblehead sitting on the top shelf close to the wall.

South Park Entrance[edit]

  • Make your way to the South Park Entrance.
  • Go to the side with the office and head up the short set of stairs to the North.
  • Just past the top of the stairs you will find the Bobblehead, sitting on the ground.

Holland Valley[edit]

St Isidore School[edit]

  • Go through the front gate of St Isidore School.
  • Head around to the back of the large white house, the main building.
  • Jump up onto the awing over the back porch.
  • Enter the building through the back door.
  • Go around to the front of the building using the awing and the scaffolding.
  • Climb up onto the roof and go to the chimney.
  • Take the School Key and whatever else you can.
  • Drop down to the ground to use the zipline to get over to the smaller white building.
  • Use the newly acquired School key to get inside this building.
  • Just inside, on the left, you will see a workspace.
  • Sitting on that workspace is the bobblehead.

Bradburry Tractor Shed[edit]

  • Head to the Northern part of the field with the crop circle.
  • Find the large tractor garage, head to the North of it.
  • Go to the North side of the small shed next to it.
  • There you will find a boarded over window.
  • Break through it and go inside.
  • Look to the right where you can see a broken open refrigerator.
  • In that refrigerator you can find the bobblehead, sitting at the bottom of the fridge.

Henbane River[edit]

8-Bit Pizza Bar[edit]

  • Travel out to 8-Bit Pizza Barin the Henbane River region.
  • Go inside the pizza parlour from the front.
  • Go behind the counter from the entrance.
  • This will take you inside the kitchen.
  • Look to the left inside the kitchen, you will see a shelf just above a workstation.
  • Sitting on the right-hand side of the shelf is the bobblehead.

Feeney Residence[edit]

  • Make your way out to the Feeney Residence.
  • Head for the front door of the Residence and go inside.
  • Once inside, go forward to the counter between the kitchen and the dining table.
  • Sitting against the wall on that counter is the Bobblehead.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Mint Condition Video Walkthrough

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