Paradise Lost is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Paradise Lost is a Main Quest is Far Cry 5.


”Faith has taken the Sheriff and she plans to turn him. You must confront Faith Seed and defeat her if you hope to find the Sheriff and save him.”


  • Having left the Hope County Jail, you will be taken into the Bliss once again.
  • The Junior Deputy will be confronting Faith Seed.
  • You see Faith guiding the Sheriff through the Bliss, slowing bringing him over to her side.
  • Go on down the slope and to reach the shallow pool of water with a rock in the middle.
  • It is time to fight Faith herself.
  • Make note of the fact that she has red and white petals swirling around her.
  • She will call in solid illusions of Angels that will rush and attack you.
  • A single hit with any weapon will cause them to vanish.
  • Keep on guard for these foes because they can do a lot of damage very quickly since there are a number of them.
  • During the first portion of the fight, Faith will simply be teleporting around around in the area and unleashing the Angels and blasts of energy.
  • After doing some damage to her, she will vanish and start talking at you.
  • During this time, you will see a number of crates appear in the middle.
  • Rush over to them and reload on all your ammo.
  • She will then appear with a number of duplicates that will be hovering in the air.
  • Look for the Faith with the Red and White pedals to know which one to shoot to do damage to Faith.
  • She will vanish again as you get her to half health.
  • Once again, more crates and medkits will appear in the middle area with the rocks.
  • Fight carefully, always aim for the Faith with the Red and White Pedals.
  • Once her health is in the critical range, she will reappear over the rock in the middle.
  • Pull out the heavy weapons and open fire on her.
  • Just keep firing at her until she goes down.

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Video Walkthrough[edit]

Paradise Lost Video Walkthrough

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