Quadzilla is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Quadzilla is a Side Quest is Far Cry 5.


”Clutch Nixon's on fire! I mean, literally...Light yourself up and speed like a demon through the checkpoints to one hell of a finish.”


  • You will start with 15 seconds on the timer.
  • Each time you pass through a ring, you will gain an additional 3 seconds.

  • Start by going forward, going straight for full throttle from the beginning.
  • Just over the lip of the mountaintop, you can see the next 2 rings in front of you.
  • Pass through these 2 rings, but then start to favor the right-hand side of the upcoming tree.
  • This will get you past the tree and through the next ring.
  • Keep on the path, continuing forward to the next ring.
  • As you pass through this ring, favor the left-hand side to minimize the risk of falling off the ledge.
  • Bear to the left as you head forward, passing through the ring, favoring the right-hand side as you do.
  • To make the next ring on the left, use a drift to correct and continue down the slope.
  • Speed down the slope, launching off the lip of the ledge, going through the ring and continuing forward.
  • This brings you down farther the mountainside to another jump through a ring.
  • Another ring awaits just across the road from your jump.
  • This leads into a ravine that you will need to carefully navigate at a high speed.
  • Go forward here, favoring the right as you pass through the ring.
  • Turn right just as you pass through the ring.
  • The next ring is just in front of you, but you will need to start turning to the left as you pass through it.
  • Continue through the ravine forward through the next ring.
  • Beware of the right just after you pass through the ring and by the tree.
  • Continue to bear to the right, keeping a little away from the wall to reach the next ring.
  • Keep a bit to the right, passing under the stone archway and through the next ring.
  • Stay on the trail and keep a bit to the right as you head up the slope.
  • Just bear to the left as you reach the top and head on through the next few rings.
  • Keep to the right on the embankment here to quickly pass through the next few rings.
  • Speed along the wooden walkway, through the next ring, and then straight through to the final ring.
  • Speed off the top of the walkway to ring the final ring.


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Quadzilla Video Walkthrough

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