Ragnar the Terrible is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Ragnar the Terrible is a Side Quest is Far Cry 5.


”Catch the Unique Fish near the island. Use the Hybrid Sturgeon fly to get his attention.”


  • With the Drubman Marina liberated, you will be able to get this mission from the marked Resistance Member.
  • Approach and talk with them to learn about Ragnar the Terrible, an albino sturgeon who has been in the waters for many years.
  • Go to the dock and use the boat shop to get a boat (or a jet ski if you only have ~$1,000).
  • Spawn in the vehicle and turn to the West.
  • Drive over to the island you can see directly West from the Marina.
  • Once on the island, be on guard for a potential black bear on the island.
    • If you leave this small island, the is very likely to reappear.
  • Once on the island, go to the middle to find a backpack with loot, but also a useful fishing rod if you have not bought one yet.
  • Be sure you have the Fisher King perk unlocked for the next part of this walkthrough.
  • Open up your weapon wheel, tap the right shoulder button to change to the utility wheel, select your fishing rod, then tap Y/Triangle to cycle to the Hybrid Strugeon Fly.
  • Once you are all set up, head to the Southern side of the island, where the small dock is.
  • Look for the marker over to the water to have an idea of where to cast your line.
  • Face to the East, get a long cast set up and then release the cast button to launch the fly a long distance.
  • You will likely catch a number of Rock Bass as you work toward the Strugoen.
  • Once you do get the Ragnar on the line, it will be a fight and take a few tries to reel it in.
  • Take your time, watch your line carefully to keep it from snapping.
  • Reel up until it goes red, then release the button.
  • Oppose the fish's movement until you land it.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Ragnar the Terrible Video Walkthrough

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