Sacrifice the Weak is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Sacrifice the Weak is a Main Quest is Far Cry 5.


”Your training is nearly complete.”


  • Once again, once you reach a particular amount in the Resistance Meter, Jacob will send more Hunters after you.
  • Red will tint the edges of your vision as a truck comes to collect you.
  • When you come to, you will be in a cage, apparently having been out for 7 days.
  • Jacob Seed will talk to you about his time in the army and the realization he came to.
  • You begin this section with a 25 second timer.
  • Once again, you are in the same locked section where you will need to kill through the soldiers inside it with you.
  • Kill the 2 soldiers inside the room, preferably.
  • Continue through to the next corridor.
  • Once again, you will find a SMG waiting for you to climb it.
  • To the right, you will encounter 1 of the soldiers.
  • Behind the broken wall is another Wall.
  • On the walkways above the far doorway are 2 Soldiers.
  • Directly across from where you entered, in the small room, is another Soldier.
  • Run into the room with the projection.
  • Just inside the room with the projection, to the right of it, is a shotgun.
  • Grab the shotgun and go through the nearby door into the corridor.
  • Go forward and turn to the left after you go into the hallways.
  • Turn to the right at the first intersection.
  • You will be facing a soldier that is trying to ambush you.
  • Turn around, going over to the left and around the corner.
  • As you go around the corner, you could be attacked by another Soldier.
  • Defeat them and continue forward.
  • Go over to the hallway, looking over to the right, is another Soldier.
  • Defeat them and look for the crates that has a rifle on it.
  • Go through the doorway and into the courtyard in front of the next building.
  • In this courtyard you will need to kill the 6 Soldiers here.
  • Most will be going to the lower walls to the left and right.
  • Be sure to get the one that is on the balcony above the entrance to the building.
  • Go inside the building after that.
  • In the next hallway is another SMG and the doorway leading into the next room.
  • Just inside the room, turn over to the right to the platform there.
  • Kill the soldier there and then turn to the left.
  • Take out the 1 soldier that is on the second platform up.
  • Kill that soldier and run straight for the back.
  • Jump and over to the large broken window with the chute.
  • Go down the chute into the next room.
  • Just in front of you is a LMG that you can claim.
  • Grab it and head through the doorway over to the left, just past the projection.
  • This leads to the kitchen area where you will need to to kill the 4 soldiers inside.
  • Go through the door in the back right to continue forward.
  • Start firing going through the door to kill the soldier through the small room with the leaping in the room beyond.
  • Go forward and turn to the left.
  • Kill the soldier that comes out of the far doorway beyond the shelving.
  • Go through the back doorway to the left.
  • Fight through the soldier on the other side and turn to the right.
  • Kill the 2 soldiers behind the crates on the right in this hallway.
  • Go forward into the next room with the projections.
  • Take out the soldier behind the crate to the right.
  • Continue into the room with the projections.
  • Turn the corner to the right.
  • You will once again see the Faceless Soldier in front of you.
  • Kill them to finish this scene.

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Video Walkthrough[edit]

Sacrifice the Weak Video Walkthrough

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