Save the remaining hostages is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Save the remaining hostages is an objective in the Main Quest, Salvation in Far Cry 5


  • With the Priestess eliminated, it is time to free the hostages who are scattered throughout the ship.
  • Start by going into the ship's lowest level and over to the Southwestern corner.
  • There is a hostage tied up here.
  • Turn to the East and go up the stairs there to climb up to the next level.
  • Now, go to the South and out onto the deck here using the nearby window.
  • Look to the left of where you see the hostage in the cage.
  • You will see a beam with a red light on it.
  • Go over there to find the switch which will open the cage and let this hostage escape.
  • 2 hostages are found on the deck and can be liberated simply by approaching them.
  • 1 is to the Western end of the Misery on the top level.
  • The last one is found on the Northern side of the ship.


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