Side Effects in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Side Effects is a Prepper Stash in Far Cry 5, found in Henbane River.



  • Make your way to the Bright Warden Radon Spa, making your way across the bridge.
  • As you approach, be on guard for Angels guarding the entrance.
  • Deal with them, if needed, then head to the North to find the Prepper Note to begin your hunt for the Stash.
  • Head to the South and into the mine itself.
  • Be on guard because as you enter, you will find the area filled with Bliss gas.
    • Throughout the mine while the Bliss Gas is in there, expect to see shadowy hallucinations appearing in front of you.
    • Also expect to hear Faith Seed at little while navigating this section.
  • When you enter, you can see the Prepper Magazines nearby behind a locked door to the right (West).
  • To access this area, you will need to head to the left (East) to begin your search for the power switch at the far end of the tunnel.
  • Start by going to the East, and around the first corner.
  • You will reach the first barrier you will need to break down.
  • You can do this by either shooting it with a gun, smashing it with heavy melee weapon or blowing it up with explosives.
  • Break through it and follow the winding path to the South.
  • It will twist to the East, with a barrel falling over for no reason, leading you to a door with only a dead Angel inside it.
  • Head to the South then Southwest to find the next barrier blocking your way.
  • Break this barrier to continue deeper into the mine.
  • This Westward path has a hole in it.
  • This hole is shallow enough that you can fall into it without taking damage and climb out the other side.
  • Continue along this path as it twists to the North with stairs leading down.
  • At the base of the stairs are boards across a doorway.
  • Smash through them with a melee weapon to continue on forward, ignoring the flash of fire.
  • Go to the Northwest, through the open archway, but be careful of the snake just inside this dooway.
  • Look to the South to find a narrow passage forward.
  • Crouch and walk through it.
  • This will lead to a large cavern with a walkway on the left and a large pool of water on your right.
  • Go to the walkway and climb up and across the room to reach the next hallway.
  • Head to the South then turn and look to the left.
  • You will see a bright red light ahead of you, go toward it.
  • Once there, look to the left and across from the light.
  • You will see a yellow flip switch across from the red light.
  • Activate this switch to drain the Bliss gas out of the mine, and power up the doorway back at the beginning. This will knock you down.
  • Now you will need to make your way back through the mine, but this time, some of those Angels that were dead will be rising up to attack you.
  • They, thankfully, only appear in particular places, making it easy to list where they are as the Junior Deputy make their way back through the cave.
  • Turn back to the West and make your way to the cavern you were just in.
  • In the shallow water, you will see a pair of Angels have risen up and are now patrolling the area.
  • Eliminate the Angels and get back across the room to the North after that.
  • Duck back underneath the low hanging rock and continue to the North.
  • Turn to the East and head back through the next couple doorways.
  • Go up the stairs and be ready for an Angel to rise up and attack you.
  • Turn to the East and move forward, where you will encounter the pit again.
  • This time you will be able to use a Grapple Point to easily swing across it to the far side.
  • As you go around this corner, be wary of the door ahead of you on the right as an Angel is hiding in there.
  • Let the Angel emerge so you can eliminate then then continue onwards to the West.
  • Down the tunnel to the West you will see 2 Angels rise from the ground.
  • Keep your distance and eliminate them before continuing forward slowly.
  • You want to move slowly because a third Angel will come charging down the tunnel at you as you press forward.
  • Just follow the tunnel forward, out toward the entrance.
  • As you reach it, you will find the locked door now has a green light which gives you access inside it.
  • The Prepper Magazines are just inside the room to the right.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Side Effects Video Walkthrough

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