Spray and Pray is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Spray and Pray is a Side Quest is Far Cry 5


Fly through the checkpoints, destroying anything that blocks your path.


    • This is a very difficult stunt mission, expect it to take numerous attempts if you have not done much plane flight in Far Cry 5.
  • The timer starts at 21 seconds.
  • To complete this stunt mission successfully, you will need to hit EVERY ring in order to reach the end.
  • There are 29 rings that you will need to fly through to complete the mission.
  • Keep out of the water to avoid slowing down and losing precious time.
  • Begin accelerating as soon as the mission begins.
  • Go through the first 2 rings, which line up very nicely.
  • The next ring requires you to pitch downward slightly, and bank left, do this more with a tap of the thumbstick, nudging gently into position.
  • The fourth ring is ahead on the same level, requiring you to bank right.
  • Keep just above the water to hit the fifth ring.
  • The sixth ring sits just below the Bridge of Tears.
  • Pitch upwards and open fire to break the target inside the ring.
  • Bank to the left early as you pass through the ring.
  • Let the plane level out and angle downwards to reach the next 2 rings which sit in a row, getting close to the water.
  • Fire as you approach both of them to break the targets that are there.
  • Maintain a straight course forward to have an easy time lining up, shooting the target and passing through the next ring.
  • The next 2 rings will require a tight turn to the right.
  • Start the turn gently as you reach the edge of the island before the ring.
  • Just as you pass through the ring, start banking to the right harder to line up with the next 2 rings.
  • This will take you past the Salvage Camp, use this time to level the plane.
  • You can see the next ring ahead, past a building sitting on the lake-shore.
  • This is a tricky ring to make because of its position.
  • Bank to the left just as you pass the house, keeping low, to hit this ring.
  • Level out and aim for the next ring past the trees.
  • Break the target inside as you approach and pass through the ring.
  • Level out once again and fly straight for the ring to on the far side of the lake.
  • Turn right, firing to break the target inside the next ring ahead of you in the trees.
  • Just after you pass through this ring, start turning to the right gently to pass by the trees and get through the next rings.
  • You can see the next ring across the water, again slowly turn toward it.
  • Level out to line up with the next ring under the break.
  • Fire to break the target inside it and then pass through the ring.
  • Begin the next turn to the right just before passing through this ring.
  • Go through the next ring, turn to the left as you do.
  • Level out to get through the following ring.
  • Continue forward to go under the final bridge and pass through the ring close to the water.
  • Bank to the right and upwards as you pass through this ring to line up for the next one.
  • Continue up and to the right to get to the ring at the foot of the bridge.
  • Turn left and level out to pass through the next ring.
  • Align with the road just below you to set up for the following ring.
  • Fire as you approach it to destroy the target inside it (the explosion is normal).
  • Get through this ring and bank just a bit to the right to get through the next ring.
  • Passing through this ring, you can see the final ring just past a rock bridge.
  • You want to pass just underneath the rock bridge to make it through, aiming for the center of it.
  • Get through the ring with all the fireworks going around it to complete the stunt activity!

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Spray and Pray Video Walkthrough

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