Swingers in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Swingers is a Prepper Stash in Far Cry 5, found in Holland Valley.

Required Perk[edit]



  • Found at the Southern end of the Bridge of Tears in the Holland Valley.
  • Along the Western side of the road you will see a picnic site.
  • Go here and find the open steel box on the crates.
  • This has the note about where to find the stash and how to get there.
  • You MUST have the perk Grapple to reach this Prepper stash.
  • Go North, hopping over the rope railing.
  • Either jump down onto the scaffolding next to the bridge or rappel down to ground level with your Grapple.
  • If you rappelled down to the ground, go to the nearby ladder to start climbing up the scaffolding.
  • Take the 2 ladders upwards to reach the landing below the bridge itself.
  • Turn left (North), and jump/climb up onto the next landing.
  • Take the next ladder up and start going to the East.
  • Here, you will see the first grapple point ahead of you.
  • Go to the edge of the platform, where you will see the prompt for the grapple appear.
  • Begin and swing out from the platform.
  • Look North, along the bridge to see a second grapple point.
  • Hit the prompted button to swing from the first grapple point to the second one.
  • Twist while swinging to the Northeast, where you can see an opening and a platform.
  • Swing over to the platform, detaching from the grapple, and land on the platform between the bridge supports.
  • Climb up and over the rise and continue North.
  • Jump the gap to reach the next platform.
  • Once again look to the Eastern side of the bridge to find another grapple point.
  • Orient to the North to find another Grapple point, to change to.
  • The final grapple point is just after that.
  • Transfer over to it and from there reach the final landing platform.
  • Landing on the far platform will put you nearby the stash.
  • Jump over the horizontal beam in front of you.
  • Just in front of the drop down to where the entrance of the stash is, you will find a note to learn about the person who created this stash.
  • Crouch and go into the opening in the Northern part of this area.
  • Loot the backpack here then turn to the West.
  • Collect the Medkit, then either equip your melee weapon to attack the boards beneath your feet.
  • Smash through the boards will reveal the stash below you.
  • Immediately turn to the West and loot the backpack.
  • Turn around to find another and next to it some Body Armor.
  • Turn to the large crate along the Southern wall to find a lot of money and a Blasting Cap.
  • Now go to the West, through the opening into the kitchen area.
  • Look to the right as you enter to find 3 Prepper Magazines, adding to your Perk Points.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Swingers Video Walkthrough

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