The Angel's Grave in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

The Angel's Grave is a Prepper Stash in Far Cry 5, found in Henbane River.



  • You will need to make your way to the Horned Serpent Cave.
  • As you approach, you will encounter a few Cultists guarding the locked entrance to the Cave itself.
  • Quickly defeat them and climb the stone steps up up to the mouth of the cave.
  • Read the Prepper Note to begin the search for the stash itself.
  • Turn to the West and look up, over the cave's mouth.
  • You will see 2 Grapple Points you can use to climb upwards to the top portion of this area.
  • Once there, head up the trail southward to the reach the top of gulch entrance of the cave.
  • By the entrance of the gulch, you will see 2 Cultist throwing dead Angel's into the cave.
  • Sneak up on them, and you can quickly move in to get a chain takedown.
  • Make your way down the ledges over to the East, slipping along the edge of the pit.
  • Use the grapple point here to make your way down to the bottom of the cave's other mouth.
  • Once at the bottom, turn to the West.
  • You will now need to jump over the steaming sulfur water repeatedly.
  • Turn and jump across the 2 portions of the stream.
  • Go over to the right and then turn to the East.
  • You will see a large rock coming out of the water.
  • Run and jump over to it, using that rock, jump over to the far Eastern side of the stream.
  • Go forward and then turn to the left (North), ducking through the small opening here.
  • Turn to the left from there and look to the next large rock with a climb point on it.
  • Once again, run and jump over to it, climbing up onto the top of the rock.
  • Keep looking to the West and a little upwards to find the next grapple point.
  • Swing across the water and detach as you reach the far end of your swing.
  • Turn to the North and go up along this small safe spot.
  • From there, turn to the right (East) and jump onto the next rock there.
  • Go across it and look up to find the next grapple point.
  • Once again you will need to swing across the gap to reach the ledge, allowing you to continue.
  • Turn to the East from there, go across the ledges to reach the zipline you can see there.
  • Use the Zipline to cross the boiling water one last time.
  • Go a little to the left and then go to the North using the stone stairs.
  • Crouch to get through the small opening in front of you.
  • Look to the East after that and go deeper into the cave where you can.
  • There is some Bliss around here, so be wary as you approach.
  • Be careful, since you will see a Cultist who has an attack dog with them.
  • Defeat both of these foes and head on down the slope.
  • Go forward to find the stash itself.
  • Sitting between everything you will find the Prepper Magazines and a large stack of money.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Angel's Grave Video Walkthrough

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