The World is Weak is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

The World is Weak is a Main Quest is Far Cry 5.


”Jacob Seed wants to indoctrinate you into the world of Eden's Gate.”


  • The Junior Deputy has been marked to be hunted by Jacob Seed.
  • You will, eventually, be hit by an arrow and be knocked out.
  • You will awaken inside a room that Jacob who used a Music Box on you while watching a strange video.

  • You are given 45 seconds to begin.
  • When you regain control, you are given the challenge to escape this area.
  • You must defeat all the enemies in the area to gain the needed time to continue forward and clear this story mission.
  • Killing enemies with takedowns or Headshots will grant more time.
    • A Kill grants 4 seconds.
    • A headshot grants 6 seconds.
    • A Takedown grants

  • You are liberated from the chair when the room has gone red and you have seen the mission title.
  • Go to the table and collect the gun there.
  • Quickly aim and kill the other 2 people in the room.
  • Head to the doorway on the left and go through it.
  • Through the door in front of you, you will see a SMG on the crates to the left of the next doorway.
  • Grab it to expand your arsenal.
  • Go forward and turn to the Right, where yo will see an enemy across the barrier.
  • Climb up onto the barrier, across which you will see 3 enemies, 1 in front of you, 1 to the left and final 1 on the table of the stairs.
  • Fire on the enemies from here, as best you can to defeat this trio at a distance.
  • From there, head across the room, going through the broken wall (or dropping down at the end of the upper walkway) and going through the nearby doorway.
  • Inside this room, turn to the right and look to the left-hand side to spot another weapon, a shotgun.
  • Equip the shotgun and go into the next room, which is made of a few hallways.
  • Run forward to the "Train" scrawled on the wall.
  • Turn to the right, and head to the next T-intersection.
  • Turn to the right at this intersection to blast away another target.
  • Turn around and head away from this location.
  • Head to the far end of the corridor, looking to the left.
  • At the far end is another target to kill.
  • Go back a little to the left and head down the corridor in front of you.
  • Go around the extended section of wall, turning to the right.
  • Another target will attack you, so blast them with the shotgun.
  • Continue forward to the next stack of crates where you can see an Assault Rifle.
  • Collect the Assault Rifle, the final weapon.
  • Run forward into the next room, where are a number of soldiers scattered throughout it.
  • Turn a bit to the right, switching weapons, to get the Soldier at a distance.
  • Go forward and look to the left-hand side of the archway.
  • A Soldier should be in that area that you will need to eliminate.
  • Look forward then to spot 3 Soldiers coming out of the building in front of you.
  • Eliminate them and then head into the building.
  • Just inside is another stack with a SMG on it.
  • Continue forward into the fiery room.
  • Go over to the left and shoot the soldier up the stairs from you.
  • Head on up the stairs in front of you to begin.
  • Climb up to the ledges to reach the top part of the area.
  • Turn to the right, looking across the room to spot the next enemy.
  • Shoot this target, and then defeat the next enemy that is likely taking shelter behind the banister.
  • With all the enemies now defeated, you will hear Jacob remark something.
  • Turn to the left and face toward the large, broken window.
  • Run and jump onto the ledge in front of that window.
  • To complete this mission, go forward and jump through the window.
  • This will bring you back to reality.

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Video Walkthrough[edit]

The World is Weak Video Walkthrough

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