Vespiary in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Vespiary is a Prepper Stash in Far Cry 5, found in Holland Valley.



  • Found at the Grain Elevator in the Holland Valley.
  • Climb up onto the building to the East.
  • Inside the building, look upward to find a ledge to go up.
  • Go under the beam and then over to the right.
  • Jump over the desk and then down the gap beyond it.
  • Head past the beehive and over to the safe there to open it, if you have Lockpicking.
  • Go over to the Northwest and up the short ledge.
  • Go forward up the crates, through the opening.
  • Head forward and up the stairs on the right.
  • Jump over to the gap and up to the gap.
  • Turn to the left and jump the next gap.
  • Go over to the board sticking out over the gap.
  • Jump over to the small ledge across from you.
  • Turn left and jump up to the next ledge.
  • Continue upwards and you will reach the top of the area.
  • You will find the dead sniper from the note.
  • Collect the weapons and money here at this point.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Vespiary Video Walkthrough

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