What They Carried is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

What They Carried is a Side Quest is Far Cry 5.


”Wendell wants his buddies' lighters collected here before the cult gets them. Those lighters have valuable information etched into them.”


  • Make your way to Redler Residence and then go inside the building.
  • Inside, go and talk with Wendell "Red" Redler inside the house.
  • He will explain that he and his buddy from the Vietnam War had critical information about their "Freedom Cache" etched into their lighters.
  • Red will ask the Junior Deputy to find and bring the lighters to him so they can access the "Freedom Cache" that he and his war buddies built up.

Whitetail Mountains[edit]

Joe's Lighter - Cedar Lake[edit]

  • Make your way to the Cedar Lake and from there, go to the West.
  • You will find a bunker in the ground that you will need to open and go into.
  • Go into the bunker and head into the "living room"
  • Look on the shelf to the left of the couch.
  • Sitting on the second shelf from the bottom, you will find the lighter on the left-hand side of the shelf.

Lefty's Lighter - Widow's Creek[edit]

  • Once again, the marker will lead to a bunker you will need to enter.
  • This bunker is found to the West of Widow's Creek.
  • Head on up the slope and over to the bunker, opening it up.
  • Go down the stairs and into the main room.
  • Go forward and look for a body in a leftward hallway.
  • Turn at the body and go through the door just past it.
  • Go straight through the next room and door.
  • This is room, behind the door is a small table.
  • On the front right corner you will find the lighter you are looking for.

Smiley's Lighter - Whitetail Park Visitor Center[edit]

  • Make your way to the Whitetail Park Visitor Center.
  • Go on up the stairs to the first landing with the large sign and turn left (South).
  • Head past the vending machines and go into the "Information Center."
  • Go through the open doorway and turn left.
  • Look on the shelving there to find the next Lighter.
  • It sits on the top shelf about the middle.

Stanford's Lighter - Elliot Residence[edit]

This can be found alongside the Prepper Stash: The Holdouts.

  • Make your way to the Elliot Residence found South of the FANG Center, East of the Moccassin River.
  • Look along the Eastern border of the property to find the shed there.
  • It has a ruined Blue door and an American flag on it.
  • Turn and face the house.
  • Climb up to the second story and enter the house through the broken window.
  • Go left and head South through the house, jumping out the window onto the awning over the front door.
  • Turn to the right and go back into the house using the broken window there.
  • Head through the office and take the stairs down to the main floor.
  • Turn to the left from there, going the kitchen.
  • Look to the corpse on the far side of the room.
  • Nearby it is a keycard that you can pick up to access the nearby bunker.
  • Go back outside and head back to the shed with the ruined blue door and American flag on it.
  • Go inside and shoot the lock off the hatch and open it.
  • Climb down into the bunker.
  • Go to the locked door and use the keycard to unlock it.
  • Head through the door and look behind the door on the right.
  • Sitting about the middle of the desk is the Lighter.

Holland Valley[edit]

Dom's Lighter - Fillmore Residence[edit]

  • Make your way to the Fillmore Residence nearby the Deadman's River.
  • Once on the property, go to the West and head into the Shed there.
  • In the floor of the shed, you will find a hatch leading down into a bunker.
  • In the bunker, go through the bedroom into the second room, the living room.
  • Inside this room, look to the right and to the shelves.
  • On the second shelf from the bottom you will see the light on the front right edge.

Dusty's Lighter - Miller Residence[edit]

  • Found at the Miller Residence nearby Orville Creek.
  • Once on the property, look along the Southern side and find the white shed.
  • Look to the left of that, in the ground, to find the bunker entrance.
  • Take the ladder down.
  • Once in the bunker, go into the second room.
  • On the left-hand side, just past the bed, you will find the lighter.
  • The lighter sits nearby its case that has fallen to the ground.

Danny's Lighter - Harris Residence[edit]

  • Make your way to the Harris Residence, in the Northern Mountains of Holland Valley.
  • Once at the property, head to the Northwest, toward the shed in the backyard you can see beyond the house.
  • Go into the shed and look at the floor.
  • You will find a hatch that leads down into a bunker.
  • Take the ladder down and into the second room with the cot.
  • Just beyond the cot on the right-hand side you can see the lighter.
  • At the head of the bed, on the second shelf, you will find the lighter.

Woody's Lighter - Rae Rae's Pumpkin Farm[edit]

  • Head out to Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm to find this lighter.
  • To the East of the house, just past the fencing, you can find the bunker entrance.
  • Go down the ladder and go into the dark room beyond where you enter.
  • Go just through the door and look to the right.
  • You will see a chair there with the lighter on it.
  • Collect the lighter from the chair.

Henbane River[edit]

Tim's Lighter - McCoy Cabin[edit]

  • Found to the West of Peaches Taxidermy.
  • Go to the South from thefront of the house, to the tarped area.
  • You will find the bunker entrance there.
  • Take the ladder down into the bunker.
  • Go into the dark room in front of you.
  • Look to the right inside this room and look at the shelving.
  • On the second shelf from the ground you can see the case with the lighter in it.

Russel's Lighter - McClean Residence[edit]

  • Go to the Northern side of the McClean Residence.
  • Open up the large green hatch in the doorway.
  • Take the stairs down into the bunker.
  • Go through the kitchen of the bunker and through the living room of it.
  • Get to the bedroom and look to the right.
  • On the bottom coat, in the middle, is the case with the Lighter.

Crow's Lighter - Ambercrombie Residence[edit]

  • Head to the Southern side of the main house.
  • Go to the smaller White covered deck of the house.
  • Just inside here, turn to the right and look on the floor to find the hatch into the bunker.
  • Go into the living just past the kitchen entrance.
  • In the living room, look at the shelving just past the TV.
  • Collect the lighter from its case on the second shelf from the ground.

Kev's Lighter - Counselor's Cabin[edit]

  • Found on the Southwestern side of Angel's Peak, a short distance from Sacred Skies Lake.
  • Approach the main building and go to the left of it.
  • Between the mountain and the slope, you will find the hatch leading down into the bunker.
  • Go into the second room, the living room of the bunker.
  • Along the right-hand side of the living room is some shelving with the lighter and its case on the second shelf.
  • Collect the lighter to complete the full set.


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