Access the manager's office is an objective in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Access the manager's office is an objective in the Treasure Hunt, The Truest Yaran in Far Cry 6


Get inside[edit]

  • Make your way to the Gran Finca Power Station found in Noventarmas.
  • Make your way to the Southern side of the building to find the orange box which begins the Treasure hunt itself.
  • Once you've read the note about all of the other employees being fired, follow the railed walkway to the Northeast.
  • Head over to the pit in front of you to the North.
  • Drop down into the pit in front of you.
  • Go over to the opening in the pit from there.
  • Hook onto the Grappling point and lower yourself down into the pit to get into the power station itself.
  • Once inside the tunnel, head to the West, following the tunnel to the drained large pool.
  • Go to the Western side of the pool and climb up using the ladder there.
  • At the top of the ladder, go through the Southern door in this room into the red-lit corridor beyond it.
  • Inside this room, turn to the West and climb up the ladder here.
  • At the top, interact with the hatch to open it up.

Turn on the Lights[edit]

  • Inside this room, go over to the West and then head through the doorway to the North here.
  • This will bring you into the control room.
  • Take the stairs on up and head into the control booth at the top.
  • Inside here, you can find some useful items, and a note, which reveals that you need to clear some blockages in the pipes of the power plant.

Clear the Blockages[edit]

  • Time to clear the blockages that are stopping the necessary water to power it.
  • Head to the Southwest from the control deck you are at and drop back down to the floor below.
  • Once there, go over to the opening nearby in the floor.
  • Look below the grating to the South to see an open section of piping with dirt clogging it in the middle.
  • Just shoot the dirt in the pipe to clear it out
  • A cover will slam down, closing the pipe, and the water level in the area below you will lower.
  • Drop down into the drained portion of the lower area.
  • Once on the catwalk, turn to the North and then follow it over to the West.
  • Use the ladder or jump into the water below you.
  • In the water, head over to the East.
  • Climb up onto the metal walkway there.
  • Once on this walkway, turn to the West and look to the open section of pipe to the left of the ladder you just swam by/climbed up.
  • Shoot the blockage to lower the water level once again.
  • From this (former) blockage, head to the South and take the stairs there down.
  • Go into the water and then climb onto the scaffolding to the South.
  • On the scaffolding, turn to the East and look into the caged room.
  • Just above the water level of the Eastern wall is an open section of pipe, showing the blockage there.
  • The water level will lower again, with only a few more blockages to clear.
  • Go to the Western end of the scaffolding and drop into the water.
  • Once back in the water, head to the North and look for the staircase here.
  • Climb/swim up the staircase and get onto the walkway here.
  • Go over to the pipe nearby over to the West.
  • Shoot the blockage to clear it out.
  • From there, head over to the East and look for the stairs going downward.
  • At the bottom of the stairs, you will find an opening with a ladder.
  • Take the ladder down into the area below.
  • From here, turn to the South and head into the turbine room.
  • Inside the turbine room you will want to head to the Southern side or just shoot the blockage in the pipe there from where you are.
  • That will clear out the last of the water, giving Dani the chance to restore the power.

Restore Power[edit]

  • Go back over to the North to the last hatch you dropped through.
  • Jump up to reach the orange handles.
  • Jump from the first to the second and climb back into the previously flooded room.
  • From there, go over to the West and toward the second to last blockage there.
  • Head to the South to the red door with the now green light over it.
  • Climb up the ladder here on the left.
  • On this walkway, head to the East then South and climb up the ladder on the left.
  • At the top, climb up the next ladder and look to the right there.
  • You will find a switch to activate the power.
  • Pull it to unlock the door across the way.

Inside the Manager's Office[edit]

  • Time to get inside the manager's office itself.
  • First through, head over to the Western section of this control room.
  • Searching around, you can find a handbag with Pesos in it.
  • You can also find a set of stairs between caged areas.
  • Climb up the stairs and open the chest there.
  • This will complete the Treasure Hunt, and give you The True Loyalist
  • Time to leave the area and exit the power plant.
  • Exit this large room through the Southern door.
  • Once there, look to the East to find a locked door (and a nearby comic book).
  • Grab the comic then break the lock to open the way out.