Anti-Aircraft Site Beta in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Anti-Aircraft Site Beta is an Anti-Aircraft Site in Far Cry 6.


An Anti-Aircraft Site found within Noventarmas.

  • Found in a valley of Valle de Oro.




  • Make your way to the Anti-Aircraft Site within Valle de Oro, found in the middle of Noventarmas.
  • Follow the road down toward the Site, being sure to get the Assaulter likely standing guard nearby the fork in the road.
  • Get the Guard and then look over to the West to spot the Vanguard.
  • Pick them off with a silent/silenced weapon.
  • Head toward the site itself.
  • Once there, get the last Assaulter in the middle.
  • Look toward the cannon itself after that.
  • There is a small concrete barrier between it and some machines.
  • Look to the left from there to find the container with the Depleted Uranium, which is between the cannon and the radar.
  • Turn toward the Cannon and blast it away with Explosives/Rocket Launcher/Grenade Launcher.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Anti-Aircraft Site Beta Video Walkthrough