Anti-Aircraft Site Lambda in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Anti-Aircraft Site Lambda is an Anti-Aircraft Site in Far Cry 6.


An anti-aircraft site built on the Southern most island within El Este.




  • Found in the Lagrimas Islands in the Southern part of El Este within Sierra Perdida.
  • It is the sole restricted section within the islands.
  • Approach the island with the Anti-Aircraft Cannon however you choose.
  • Flying up and gliding in from the edge of the area can give a useful landing point of the tower overlooking the Anti-Aircraft site itself.
  • Land here and search around the top to find useful things like Gasolina.
  • Be on-guard since this is the Sniper's lookout.
  • Take out the sniper when they come up to the rooftop.
  • Being loud has the advantage of luring all the other Soldiers into the tower for easily getting picked-off.
  • Take the ladder down into the middle floor of the area.
  • This is the bunk, where most of the soldiers are likely sleeping.
  • Search around for a note, but not much else.
  • Take the next ladder down to ground level after that.
  • Go over to the Eastern corner to find a large crate of Metal.
  • Head over to the Southern corner to find a pile of useful scrap, possible Durable Plastic.
  • Look on the tabletop to the right to find a map with FND caches marked on it.
  • Go out the door to the Northwest and onto the island itself.
  • Once there, just go forward and take the takes on the left up (or just climb up the ledge) to reach the platform with the Anti-Aircraft Cannon.
  • At the top of the stairs are some crates with more useful scrap on it (Recycled Glass)
  • Before blowing up the cannon with a Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, or Explosives, look to the right of it.
  • Next to the stairs leading to the Cannon you can find the container with the Depleted Uranium.
  • Collect the depleted uranium, back away, then blow up the cannon to complete this site.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Anti-Aircraft Site Lambda Video Walkthrough