Anti-Aircraft Site Phi in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Anti-Aircraft Site Phi is an Anti-Aircraft Site in Far Cry 6.


The Anti-Aircraft Site found nearby Ida's Refufe within Ida Aguas Lindas




  • A small Anti-Aircraft Site found within Aquas Linda is easiest to scout from the South.
  • There are 2 Assaulters and 1 Vanguard protecting this Site.
  • 1 Assaulter watches the driveway up, from the West while the other patrols the area around the Cannon.
  • Start with the Vanguard if possible, getting them with either a silent/silenced weapon.
  • From there, head to the North, going down the slope to reach the Anti-Aircraft Site itself.
  • Head under the canopy with the radio equipment and TV to find a note about a local treasure hunt.
  • Go to the North from there and to outside the nearby caged area.
  • head under the nearby canopy to the West and look on the Nothern table to find a map with FND Caches as well as some Medicine.
  • Head to the East from there toward the fenced area.
  • To the South you can find the doorway into the fenced-in area.
  • Head inside it and look under the container to the North to find some Metal.
  • Head to the Northern side to find the Depleted Uranium.
  • Collect that and climb up the nearby ladder.
  • On top of the cement container, you can find Pesos.
  • With everything collected, look to the North to the cannon.
  • Equip Explosives, Rocket Launcher, or a Grenade Launcher and blast the Cannon to pieces.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Anti-Aircraft Site Phi Video Walkthrough