Anti-Aircraft Site Sampi in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Anti-Aircraft Site Sampi is an Anti-Aircraft Site in Far Cry 6.


The Anti-Aircraft Site is found along the edge of Dorada Cove.




  • Head to the Eastern end of the Restricted Area within Dorada Cove.
  • Approaching from the Western side of the Anti-Aircraft Site, climbing up the building there.
  • Use the ladder to get onto the warehouse rooftop.
  • On top of the warehouse, use this vantage point to quickly find and snipe the 2 Assaulters guarding this site.
  • Pick them off them look over to the Northeast to find the Anti-Aircraft Cannon.
  • Blow it up with an Explosive weapon to eliminate this Cannon, clearing the skies.
  • On the Eastern side of the Warehouse, you can find some Metal.
  • Go to the Northwestern corner of the warehouse nearby the Cannon to find the Depleted Uranium.
  • Medicine can be found under the canopy tent nearby the Depleted Uranium.
  • To the North you can find a map on the table there that gives FND Cache locations.
  • Go around the Northern wall of the canopy tent to find a small duffle bag next to the lockers there with Pesos inside it.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Anti-Aircraft Site Sampi Video Walkthrough