Case of the Week is an objective in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Case of the Week is a Step in the Bandidos Operations, Ratings Hostage Bonanza in Far Cry 6


  • The host and his hostages are nowhere to be seen. The show must be on tape-delay, so we need to search for clues...


Follow the Blood Trail[edit]

  • Someone clearly tried to clean a stain leading off-stage toward a service exit

Check the Footage[edit]

  • There has to be CCTV footage of the stage. Find the cameras, and we'll track down our host and the hostages

Trapdoor? Trapdoor![edit]

  • This is a stage, right? There has to be a secret trapdoor exit!
    • Risks: Losses up to 3 Recruits
    • Reward: Additional Useful Leader Skills on Operations