Catalina Ridge Checkpoint in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Catalina Ridge Checkpoint is a Location in Far Cry 6.


Enemy Types[edit]


  • Approach the checkpoint from the Western side, coming up the slope to the checkpoint itself.
  • Slip through the opening in the bushes carefully to avoid detection and some tripwire mines.
  • Look upwards carefully because there is a Officer looking out over the checkpoint itself.
  • This officer can be the Commander of the Checkpoint, so they can have the Catalina Ridge Checkpoint Keycard.
  • Making some noise after the Rocketeer starting moving around can draw them over to Dani or a better spot for an ambush.
  • Go over to the Southwest from behind the large building.
  • There, you can find the alarm for the Checkpoint.
  • Take some time to find and disable the alarm there.
  • Time to finish out the last 3 soldiers here.
  • There is a Flamer patrolling along the Eastern side of the checkpoint, from the bus stop to the billboard.
  • There can also be another Soldier patrolling along the checkpoint, or one who comes along.
  • Throw a Baseball against the large building to draw the soldier to you.
  • Get them with a takedown once they are close enough or with a silent weapon.
  • After that, go into the large building.
  • Once inside the building, look on the first desk to find another copy of the Catalina Ridge Checkpoint Keycard.
  • There is a crate with Medicine inside there as well.
  • After that, search the Western side of the building to find a map with FND caches marked.
  • Look to the Eastern side of the checkpoint after looting this building.
  • Here, you can find the soldier guarding the armory.
  • Pick them off from a distance then take cover inside the main building again.
  • Watch the area carefully in case there is another soldier is around.
  • Use a Baseball to draw them to you and get them with a takedown or a silent weapon.
  • Head to the Northeastern part of the checkpoint and investigate the small building there.
  • This is the armory with the FND cache inside.
  • Use the Catalina Ridge Checkpoint Keycard to get inside.
  • In the armory you can find a FND cache which likely has some Gun Powder inside it.


  • 250 XP


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Catalina Ridge Checkpoint Video Walkthrough