Cielo Gardens Checkpoint in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Cielo Gardens Checkpoint is a Location in Far Cry 6.


A checkpoint nearby the Lake of Lions within Noventarmas.

Enemy Types[edit]



    • 1 Alarm at this location, with 1 Camera over the alarm.
  • The checkpoint sits just next to the Lake of Lions within Valle de Oro.
  • Head up into the hills to the West of the Checkpoint.
  • Crouch when you are level with the checkpoint and sneak forward toward the main building.
  • Be mindful of the soldiers here, just to keep things simple.
  • Go over to the Southern face of the main building to find the alarm and its protective Security Camera.
  • Approach and interact with the alarm to disable it.
  • Look to the South spot and deal with the Assaulter watching this area.
  • Take out this soldier with a silent weapon to begin.
  • Go over to the Northern side after that where you will likely find the Rocketeer.
  • Pick them off then turn to Eastern side.
  • Here, you will find the commander of the Checkpoint.
  • Pick them off with whatever silent weapon you have.
  • Go over to their body and collect the El Cielo Gardens Checkpoint Key from the body.
  • From there, head over to the Western, main building.
  • Go inside and turn the corner to the left.
  • Just below one of the barred windows, in the corner, you will find a table with an FND cache sitting on it.
  • Open it on up and then look for the handbag nearby the door.
  • AFter that, just go outside and head over to the East.
  • From the main building, it is easy to find the Billboard that needs to be destroyed.
  • Either burned it down or blow it up to capture the checkpoint.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Cielo Gardens Checkpoint Video Walkthrough