Codename Ibis is an Ambush in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Codename Ibis is an Ambush is Far Cry 6.



  • Making your way over to Codename: Ibis, you will find 3 Engineers, and 2 Assaulters.
  • This starts with an Engineer inside the Guard post just outside the area.
  • Another Engineer is nearby the large fuel tank, with an Assaulter on either end of this small depot.
  • Quickly pick them off before spilling inside, if you opt to approach from the North.
  • There are not too many foes here overall, just enough to be a bit challenging.
  • Completing this requires you to head over to the supply drop here and claim its contents.


  • 200 XP

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Codename Ibis Video Walkthrough