Colinas Plains Checkpoint in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Colinas Plains Checkpoint is a Checkpoint in Far Cry 6.


Enemy Types[edit]



  • 250 xp


  • Sgt. Cruz, a Pistolero, is the one holding the Keycard for the Checkpoint.
  • There is a Sniper on the watchtower just along the Eastern road.
  • Pick off the Sniper here to start clearing out of the area.
  • Sgt Cruz can be found patrolling the Southern section of the Checkpoint.
  • The Assaulter is generally wandering around the middle of the checkpoint itself.
  • Be wary of the Officer that will occasionally ride through here.
  • Wait for the Assaulter to head past the bushes on the Northeastern side of the area.
  • Snipe them with a silenced weapon if you are going for a quiet takeover.
  • Head over to the Western side of the area after that.
  • Sneak to the Southwestern side of the main building.
  • Look to the Southwest of the building to find a tripwire grenade set-up.
  • Sneak behead the building to the Northwest and then sneak behind it.
  • Go to the Northeast to find the final soldier here, the Engineer.
  • Pick them off however you want.
  • Go to the Northeastern side of the building and over to the Alarm here.
  • After that, take a little time to just head to the Northeast and over to the bunker here, the arsenal.
  • Go to the White building on the Eastern side of the Checkpoint.
  • Approach the door here and open it using the Keycard.
  • Inside the bunker, you will find Recycled Glass, Medicine, and (potentially) some Gun Powder.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Colinas Plains Checkpoint Video Walkthrough