Collect Crocodile Meat is an objective in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Collect Crocodile Meat is an objective in the Yaran Story, Who's A Good Boy? in Far Cry 6


  • There are a number of different places to find Crocodiles to hunt.
  • For this guide, the hunt took place in Serpentino Park Visitor Center
  • Get there and look for the bridge going over the river nearby here.
  • Get to the Southern bank of the river here to make it easier to find Crocodiles.
  • Remember, from a distance, Crocodiles do look like logs so move through areas with minimal to no vegetation to avoid getting surprised by one.
  • Use your phone to scout for the Crocodiles.
  • If possible, send out Guapo to help hunt down these animals.
  • With a Crocodile or two killed, loot the bodies to get some Crocodile Meat