The Pagan Min - Control DLC for Far Cry 6 (FarCry6Control).

The Control DLC for Far Cry 6

Release Information[edit]

January 11th, 2022


Escape the mind of Pagan Min

  • Fight through the mind of Pagan. Revisit iconic Kyrati locations, encounter ghosts from his past and discover his deepest desires.
  • Rogue-lite gameplay has been implemented, so when Vaas dies, he is brought back to the TV room he started in with only his permanent traits and unlocked gear, everything else is lost.
  • The cycle repeats, with Pagan having the chance to search for greater powers to free himself.

Opening Text[edit]

Ajay Ghale came to Kyrat to fulfill his mother's dying wish Instead he discovered a family history soaked in blood A love affair, the murder of his half-sister and the man at the center of it all The King of Kyrat

Pagan Min


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